Steam game screen glitch (only half the screen is showing / working) SOLVED

The Problem: On the steam game Typing of the Dead Overkill, at first the game would not load. Also when I did finally get it to load, the screen was glitching and only showing half of the screen.


(solved) The Answer: To eventually get it to load, I made sure that it was not using my laptop NVidia GeForce gtx 1050ti card, but rather the integrated graphics. AFTER that the game loaded but the screen glitch appeared when only half the screen is working to SOLVE this, I simply pushed the windows key on the keyboard (which took me back out the desktop) and then I selected the game still running in the task bar again and that solved the half screen graphics glitch.


The Rest of the Story: I tried other things that did NOT work such as “verifying the integrity of your game cache” in the steam app, disabling the steam overlay for the game, updating drivers, reinstalling game, rebooting etc. Ultimately, the game used to work just fine… now everytime I have to load the game, press windows key and then enter the game running in the background again to get the entire screen to show up. It works and is only a slight annoyance. Lastly, the integrated graphics works just fine for this old game.


One Wiper not moving or not working (how to fix)

The Problem: One wiper on my truck / car was not moving or rather it was moving a little but with out force.

The Answer: Most likely a simple fix for most people. A nut was loose after years of wiping and just needed to be tightened.

The Rest of the Story: I used a “paint can opener” (free from home depot) to pop the cover over the bolt off. I did this assertively by the way. After that is it as simple as tightening the nut / bolt down. Pop the cover back into place. Done in 60 seconds.

The pictures below are not mine, therefore you will notice that the tool being used to pry up the wiper bolt cover is different than the paint can opener I used. Ultimately you need something with a hook on the end to grab it efficiently.

Real Estate Exam Prep. The quest for finding something useful for studying real estate exam questions

The Problem: I am not sure that I am unique here, but studying for anything is boring. Especially when the topic is real estate. My brain gets a little numb after browsing around the net looking for real estate exam questions, tips, study guides, tips etc. This is mainly because 90% of the sites are faceless stuffy business template sites, scams or look like they are left over relics from the “geocity/aol” days. If you have ever looked for helpful educational websites before you know what I am talking about.

The Answer:

The Rest of the Story:  After browsing around the net for real estate exam help and tips I came across this site and wow I was shocked. Instantly I was happy to see some actual color and laid back real person vibe. More sites need to be like this and cater to people that actually want a little fun. In fact their online exam prep program was awesome looking and unlike anything I have ever seen before. It has a cool steam punk-ish look to it complete with gauges to show your skill level. So far I have been impressed with this study tool. Of course, now I need to be less distracted and actually get back to studying but I just thought I would give credit where credit is due.

Lump in front of my ear.

The Problem:

Almost two years ago I had a mild ear ache for a few days in my left ear. Nothing big, just annoying. Then in the course of only a few days I developed a small lump on my face, directly in front my ear. I did not hurt to touch, it was firm and could be slightly moved when I tried . Also it was not noticeable to others unless I pointed it out. I went to the doctor and they thought it could just be some kind of gland infection and gave me antibiotics. This of course did nothing.  Then they wanted to get an MRI. The problem here was that I have terrible insurance, being self-employed. So being that it did not bother me I just left it alone.

I did however try using heat bags to see if the lump would go down and I also tried ice bags to no avail.


Long story short, it was a parotid tumor. Continue reading

Tmobile phone problems (vstream roaming & amazon mp3)

The problem:

Trying to buy a song from amazon mp3 store on my Galaxy S Vibrant Android phone, and if I am not connected to wi-fi I get this message:

Download Delay

You are currently roaming outside of VStream’s data network. Music downloads must be completed over Wi-Fi or Vstream’s highspeed data network.


Long story short, your sim card is very old. Go to the Tmobile store and have them set you up with a new sim card for your phone (free).

The Rest of the Story:

For many months I was having this issue and other “roaming” message problems on my phone. After contacting both Tmobile support and going into the store they were clueless about what was wrong and how to fix it. So I then gave up on fixing it, until it occured to me the other day how long I have been with Tmobile (12 years) and I thought, “I bet I am still using the old sim card from when they were called VoiceStream. Then I went down to the store and got a new sim card and now it all works fine.