Steam game screen glitch (only half the screen is showing / working) SOLVED

The Problem: On the steam game Typing of the Dead Overkill, at first the game would not load. Also when I did finally get it to load, the screen was glitching and only showing half of the screen.


(solved) The Answer: To eventually get it to load, I made sure that it was not using my laptop NVidia GeForce gtx 1050ti card, but rather the integrated graphics. AFTER that the game loaded but the screen glitch appeared when only half the screen is working to SOLVE this, I simply pushed the windows key on the keyboard (which took me back out the desktop) and then I selected the game still running in the task bar again and that solved the half screen graphics glitch.


The Rest of the Story: I tried other things that did NOT work such as “verifying the integrity of your game cache” in the steam app, disabling the steam overlay for the game, updating drivers, reinstalling game, rebooting etc. Ultimately, the game used to work just fine… now everytime I have to load the game, press windows key and then enter the game running in the background again to get the entire screen to show up. It works and is only a slight annoyance. Lastly, the integrated graphics works just fine for this old game.


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