Real Estate Exam Prep. The quest for finding something useful for studying real estate exam questions

The Problem: I am not sure that I am unique here, but studying for anything is boring. Especially when the topic is real estate. My brain gets a little numb after browsing around the net looking for real estate exam questions, tips, study guides, tips etc. This is mainly because 90% of the sites are faceless stuffy business template sites, scams or look like they are left over relics from the “geocity/aol” days. If you have ever looked for helpful educational websites before you know what I am talking about.

The Answer:

The Rest of the Story:  After browsing around the net for real estate exam help and tips I came across this site and wow I was shocked. Instantly I was happy to see some actual color and laid back real person vibe. More sites need to be like this and cater to people that actually want a little fun. In fact their online exam prep program was awesome looking and unlike anything I have ever seen before. It has a cool steam punk-ish look to it complete with gauges to show your skill level. So far I have been impressed with this study tool. Of course, now I need to be less distracted and actually get back to studying but I just thought I would give credit where credit is due.


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